Why not spend your holidays enjoying an adventure full of adrenaline under the perfect blue paradise of the Mediterranean coves with AIRBORNE scuba diving? It’s up to you if you want to become a 5-star experienced scuba diver or stay the same not knowing anything about scuba diving. In the heaven-like cove, you will be excited to see directly how the aquatic life is feeding fish by yourself. For scuba diving with us, you are not required to have any experience or even to know well how to swim. We provide full range of equipment and settings for your scuba diving. A lot of amazement is awaiting you on our scuba diving boat.



No matter where you are living in the neighboring area of Fethiye, and no matter which hotel you are staying at, our service car pick you up on time to the diving area. After arriving at our boat, you are introduced to our scuba diving instructor, and then move to the diving spot. The starting time is between 08:00-09:30, and the time may change according to where you stay. In that case, we contact you. After the end of the tour, again our transfer service brings you back to your hotel or house.


  • Are under 14 and over 58.
  • Are pregnant or in bad condition.
  • Are physically handicapped.
  • Excessively dread water or easily get panicky.


Ölüdeniz-08:00, Hisarönü-08:20, Ovacık-08:30, Fethiye-09:00, Liberty Hotel Likiya-07:50, Majesty Tuana Club Hotel-08:30, Karagözler-09:00

Departure from Harbour-09:30

Arrival at Harbour-17:30


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